Congratulations to our newest board members,

Larry Daniel
Joseph Pochron
Matt Presser
Ken Pryor

We would also like to thank our outgoing board members for their dedication and contributions over the past year

Edward L Goings
Stuart Hyde
Christopher Kelly
Mike Wilkinson

The following will continue on the board. We have very much appreciated their efforts over the past year.

Greg Dominguez
Gary C. Kessler
Troy Larson
Christa Miller
Cindy Murphy
Jason Paroff
Todd Shipley

We would especially like to acknowledge and thank Chris Kelly who is retiring from the board this year and Toby Finnie who continues as an advisor to the board – both have contributed so much to the organization.


On behalf of the Nominating Committee, we would like to announce the upcoming 2014 election of Board members to serve for the 2015-2016 calendar years. Twelve of the 13 Board seats are to be elected, six of which are for one year and six for two years.

The nomination process will occur for a three week period November 1 through November 21. During that time, any member may nominate any other member — including themselves — for a Board position using the electronic submission form available on the CDFS website.

To use the electronic submission form, you must first be logged on to the website – you will then be able to select “Submit Nomination” under the “Elections” menu item.

The Nominating Committee will vet all nominees and determine whether they wish a one- or two-year seat.

Elections will occur December 8 through December 14 using a process to be announced prior to the initial date of the elections. Election results will be announced by mid-December and new officers will take their positions on January 1, 2015.

Memberships Extended

The board has voted to extend all memberships, current and expired, to December 31, 2014 to allow all members, past and present, to be able to participate in the nominations and election process for the incoming Board of Directors for the 2015-2016 calendar year.


Shape the future of the digital forensic profession
Unite digital forensic professionals in regulation and licensing matters
Develop and influence technical standards for digital forensics
Create an ethical standard and a model code of conduct for digital forensics specialists
Collaborate with established orgs in the industry to advance the profession

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…as an individual or organization to:

Debate and respond to regulation and licensing matters that may affect your livelihood
Influence future technical standards for digital forensic professionals
Shape the profession’s ethical standard and model code of conduct
Collaborate with YOUR peers
Participate and vote

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