Outreach Committee

The CDFS greatly appreciates the work of the inaugural Outreach Committee under the leadership of Christa Miller.

As we get ready for elections for the 2015 calendar year, we do not want to forget to thank all of the following for their hard work.


Christa Miller christammiller@gmail.com


Walt Bobby walt.bobby@gmail.com
Larry Compton larry@larrycompton.com
Greg Dominguez greg@forensiccomputers.com
Toby Finnie (HTCC) admin@hightechcrimecops.org
Gil Halasz gil.halasz@gmail.com
W. Kenneth Johnson patories@gmail.com
Melia Kelley meliakelley@gmail.com
Chris Kelly ckelly@cdfs.org
Peter Martin pete.martin@yolocounty.org
Christa Miller christammiller@gmail.com
Cindy Murphy cmurphy@cityofmadison.com
Joseph Pochron JP15@ustpd.org
Chris Pogue cpogue@trustwave.com
Ken Pryor kpryor@pryorcf.com
William Stauffer Telles william@nidforensics.com.br
Mike Webber mike@bitsecforensics.com


Christa Miller, Chair christammiller@gmail.com
Cindy Murphy cindymurphy2412@gmail.com
Chris Kelly cwkellyusa@yahoo.com
Toby Finnie admin@hightechcrimecops.org

After nominations in November and elections in December, we look forward to soliciting additional input and members to work on the 2015  outreach committee.