Board Member and Secretary – Greg Dominguez

Greg Dominguez is the Vice President of Forensic Computers, Inc. in Glen Lyn, VA where he manages the day-to-day operations including the research & development of forensic workstations, validation of forensic methodologies, and training. He is a retired US Air Force Office of Special Investigations Computer Crime Investigator. As an Air Force Special Agent he was the first Chief of the Air Force Computer Forensic Lab that later became the Department of Defense Computer Forensics Lab (DCFL). Since retiring from the Air Force in October 1997 he has developed and managed the Computer Forensics practices at Fiderus Strategic Security & Privacy and at Ernst & Young LLP.

Since entering the Computer Forensic field in 1993, he has worked computer crime cases involving multi-million dollar fraud, computer intrusions, child exploitation, and matters involving national security. He is often a guest speaker at national computer forensics conferences. He has served on Board of Directors for the International Computer Forensic Professionals.